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English-Hindi > embolus" sentence in Hindi

embolus in a sentence

11.The embolus resolved and paralysis disappeared over time.

12.Upon his return to Italy, he suffered an embolus in his right eye.

13.Infection, and a foreign body embolus are the two threats to the patient.

14.Because an embolus arises from elsewhere, local therapy solves the problem only temporarily.

15.The species is distinguished from others in the genus by its distinctly long embolus.

16.He did not cough up blood, which can also result from a pulmonary embolus.

17.The results of this may include pulmonary embolus, transient ischaemic attacks, or stroke.

18.A pulmonary embolus is a common cause of death in patients with cancer and stroke.

19.Embolus very long, passing across ventral surface of tegulum and along edge of cymbium.

20.Kutner suggests there is a fat embolus.

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