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English-Hindi > enamels" sentence in Hindi

enamels in a sentence

11.But I can't find such touch-up enamel.

12.Four bidders went for the enamel-and-paper collage.

13.If you want a gloss, use a semigloss latex enamel.

14.She also added elaborate jewelry designs with precious stones and enamels.

15.Studies on its tooth prism and enamel patterns have been performed.

16.The microstructure of the enamel of this tooth has been studied.

17.Enamel formation is part of the overall process of tooth development.

18.Some " enamel paints " are now produced specifically for artists.

19.Nitro-cellulose enamels are also commonly known as modern lacquers.

20.Enamel begins to demineralize at a pH of 5.5.

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