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English-Hindi > enamels" sentence in Hindi

enamels in a sentence

41.The membership badge was a black enamel shield surrounded by jewels.

42.A jewel was between the enamel and the surrounding jewel photo.

43.Tiny fragments of pink or red enamel remain on the beak.

44.After firing the enamel was polished flush with the surrounding metal.

45.The tooth enamel is well preserved over most of the tooth.

46.In the UK enamel paint is a different kind of paint.

47.They are reported at least in black enamel and black chrome.

48.The enamel is thin, rough, and prone to crumbling.

49.The umbilical tract is covered by a thick pad of enamel.

50.He continued to work in enamel until is death in 1993.

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