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English-Hindi > enamels" sentence in Hindi

enamels in a sentence

31.His enamel paints are still the basis for ceramic paints today.

32.Mammelons disappear with time as the enamel wears away by friction.

33.The enamel insulation was especially valuable for producing very thin wire.

34.He exhibited vitreous enamel works in Melbourne's Argus Gallery.

35.The 50ml enamel paint tins and spray paints are still available.

36.The coloured eyes of the figures are made of cloisonn?enamel.

37.He also produced about 35 enamels and 60 works in ceramic.

38.According to Pountney the enamel was fired at the Temple Pottery.

39.However, they can also form without stress during enamel development.

40.The family is part of a radiation of early enamel ridges.

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