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English-Hindi > enshroud" sentence in Hindi

enshroud in a sentence

1.The orchestra enshrouds the vocal lines with harmonically pungent commentary.

2.Low clouds and fog will enshroud much of the Pacific Northwest coast.

3.Each mummy bundle enshrouds from two to seven bodies, Cock said.

4.These poems enshroud the privacy that was their marriage.

5.A dark curtain enshrouds the station when it is being used as a darkroom.

6.Called sokaiya, these blackmailers thrive on the secrecy in which Japanese corporations enshroud themselves.

7.All his writing shows an interest in the power language has to enshroud true meaning.

8.In the darkness the air was so dense, so stifling that you could feel it enshroud you.

9.ST . AUGUSTINE, Fla . _ A persistent early evening drizzle enshrouds the nation's oldest city.

10.Unlike those polystyrene clam shells that used to enshroud McDonald's hamburgers, our bodies are blessedly biodegradable.

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