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English-Hindi > enshroud" sentence in Hindi

enshroud in a sentence

21.Yet Bolcom elegantly enshrouds the orchestral melodic lines with thickly chromatic, richly scored harmonies crammed with notes to give the chords a contemporary bite.

22.However, the last remaining Drakh ships bypass the defense grid and plunge into Earth orbit, releasing a black gaseous weapon that enshrouds the Earth.

23.Miles'two passions in life are writing and fine wine, and neither one is untainted by the misery that enshrouds the whole of his existence.

24.Misfortune soon enshrouds the kingdom as Lucifer, an ogre sorcerer, appears displaying his awesome magical abilities with promises of power and riches if Rosa becomes his bride.

25.Faint noises, described meticulously by Greene, show that the game is continuing, and darkness continues to enshroud the place of safety where the two brothers are hiding.

26.Subtitled " 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years, " it sets out to dispel the miasma of gloom that so often enshrouds modern journalism and scholarship.

27.The doubleheader loss thickened the aura of depression that threatens to encase Shea Stadium this season like the vines that enshroud the castle in " The Sleeping Beauty " ballet.

28.It's the perfect metaphor for this inspired production, which frees Henrik Ibsen's heroine from the veil of melodrama that often enshrouds modern productions of this 1890 feminist classic.

29.Moreover the secrecy that necessarily enshrouds military matters has provided a cover for corruption : On one estimate, a third of Angola's state revenues were not properly accounted for last year.

30.Whatever the choice, a bright light enshrouds all, and the Wanderer's father narrates the ending they created, including any actions they took that had an influence on the wasteland.

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