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English-Hindi > enshroud" sentence in Hindi

enshroud in a sentence

31.These lush hills enshroud one of the city's most exclusive enclaves, a place where tanned and smiling joggers pass gated fortresses of affluence and where every other car seems to be a Jaguar.

32.The writing for the quartet is unremittingly propulsive, with buzzing figurations and ornery counterpoint, while the music for orchestra enshrouds the quartet with a haze of harmony, spiked with volleys from the brass and percussion.

33.Instead of typifying the beauty of the land, the mist of the basque Valley create a malignant atmosphere that enshrouds the protagonists of " Vacas ", stimulating and manifesting their latent desires and urges.

34.A white coating of dust would enshroud men returning from watering their horses; their clothes, wet with perspiration which sometimes dripped from the knees of their riding-breeches, and their faces only revealed by sweaty rivulets.

35.Some days a mist concealing one bank from the others will enshroud the place mysteriously, and you wonder if the ghost of James Michael Curley will suddenly step from the ashen curtain, urging one and all to vote early and often.

36.Coppola clearly intuited how to evoke cinematically the mythical aura in which the novel enshrouds the Lisbon girls, turning them into phantoms in the boys'minds _ the kind of phantoms of long-gone love objects most of us harbor.

37.If summer is the flat light on a dead-calm sea, the haze that enshrouds the horizon after a week without rain, then this is a time when wind and water are still freshening, still disturbed by echoes from a more vehement season.

38.While the new GTO would basically put a different body on an existing platform and enshroud an existing big powerplant, the original GTO _ the 1964 Tempest GTO _ came about when an existing body was fitted with a big engine and given the GTO badge.

39.Fog and mist enshroud " The Great Swamp, " where a farmer pilots a dinghy through the water to check on whether his haystacks had gone adrift . The stacks have a mystical presence, like the post-and-lintel markers at Stonehenge.

40.But there is also that personality cult here, a piling up of tricks and gimmicks that, however clever and full of wit, bury, inter, engulf, enshroud, embalm, pack off to Boot Hill poor Doc Holliday, his legend and his truth.

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