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English-Hindi > expectorate" sentence in Hindi

expectorate in a sentence

21.Actual drip-down-your-shirt expectorating, ala Billy, you understand, is not required.

22.When asked about it, Bordagaray replied, " The penalty is a bit more than I expectorated ."

23.I've come closest by saying the word " shrug " and expectorating at the same time.

24.The Tigers had vowed to expectorate the bad taste of their 55-15 loss to Texas Tech in the Tangerine Bowl.

25.The phlegm article says it's phlegm that's been expectorated, but the sputum says it's mucus.

26."It's when players are ground up and then expectorated when they lose their juice, " he said.

27.I should have diddled it away with platforms and seats and spittoons for & expectorating businessmen and the flappers that beset them ."

28.For this end maggots could be surreptitiously introduced into the mouth during an extraction; the patient would then expectorate them and marvel greatly.

29.Some of the more experienced were discreetly expectorating ( cups with lids were provided ), and tasters were beginning to talk and compare notes.

30.It apparently works by promoting the lungs to expectorate and free deeply embedded mucus and contaminates during the first three to ten days of treatment.

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