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English-Hindi > expectorate" sentence in Hindi

expectorate in a sentence

41.According to Goodstein, the presence of mouth cells and saliva in the blood stain suggested " the likelihood that this has been expectorated from the mouth rather than vomited ."

42.Tremendously vulgar, Griffin swoops down on black America armed only with his uncanny ability to expectorate the word " nigga " like a man with hip-hop Tourette's.

43.During the pre-game practice, Arlington played second base like a professional, " even down to expectorating on her hands and wiping them on her uniform ", according to the report.

44.Herein, White comfortably busts out lines like " As you see I've got biceps to spare ! " and " I'm especially good at expectorating-ptooey ! " with much gusto.

45.Both of these versions contain a play on words, the " tef " sound which forms the first syllable of the name Tefnut also constitutes a word meaning " to spit " or " to expectorate ".

46.This virtual parade of cuspidors, dozens edged in gilt and scores more crafted of fluted mahogany, conjures up the specter of noblemen expectorating loudly as they debate developments in Bukovina and other far-flung corners of the empire.

47.Marks drives us to Damien's St . Philomena's Church and points to the holes Damien carved in the floor so his diseased congregation could cough and expectorate without having to step outside and miss part of his sermon.

48.In writing for The Quietus, Toby Cook said " SAS expectorate wave after wave of uncomfortable, yet engrossing pandemonium " and " SAS have created something truly vital, and dare it be said a work of near genius ."

49.The Washington Post reported that public spitting is so prevalent in China that planners of the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing are scrambling to curtail it before the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Westerners, who may not be accustomed to widespread expectorating.

50.To reach the point of contrition, Romanowski required prodding from Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and from repeated television replays, which raised the terrifying specter of the Baltimore Orioles'Roberto Alomar, who became Satan for the electronic age when he expectorated on umpire John Hirschbeck in 1996.

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