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English-Hindi > exteriorly" sentence in Hindi

exteriorly in a sentence

11.Both are nearly straight edged and perpendicular on the edge of the wing, though the outer one is slightly concave exteriorly.

12.Exteriorly, bits of the aluminium covering are missing; also, never installed were the glass encasing the pavilions on the staircases.

13.There is a submarginal and marginal row of white lunules, the former concave exteriorly and the latter interiorly and bordered by a brown marginal line.

14.The peristome is strong, with a rather wide, deep sinus above, protracted lower on, bordered exteriorly by a strong, rounded rib.

15.These reach nearly to the end of the cell and are separated by a narrow bluish metallic streak and are edged exteriorly with white scales on the costa.

16.And there is a perpendicular, dark brown line at the apical fifth across the wing tip, edged exteriorly with a strongly iridescent patch of steel blue scales.

17.Most non-tetrapod vertebrates ( e . g . stem tetrapods one set of nostrils is found exteriorly, and another interiorly, in the roof of the palate.

18.There is an indistinct longitudinal row of black dots from the middle to beyond the end of the cell, each black dot edged exteriorly with a few light ochreous scales.

19.Conversely, if the belt is wrapped exteriorly around the pulleys, the exterior tangent line segments are relevant; this case is sometimes called the " pulley problem ".

20.Adults are whitish, the wings mostly fawn-coloured exteriorly, thinly and irregularly black speckled, with two macular irregular hyaline iridescent bands, of which the second is marginal.

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