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English-Hindi > exteriorly" sentence in Hindi

exteriorly in a sentence

31.As the cross on her breastbone had the unusual shape of a " Y ", similar to a cross in the local church of Coesfeld, English priest Herbert Thurston surmised that " the subjective impressions of the stigmatic exercise a preponderating influence upon the manifestations which appear exteriorly ."

32.Although, exteriorly, Cole appeared to be a laid-back, carefree showman whose only purpose and superficial goal was to be famous in black minstrelsy and vaudeville plays; however, he organized his shows very meticulously and placed much thought in every detail and aspect of his productions.

33.The natural foreskin has three principal components, in addition to blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue : skin, which is exposed exteriorly; mucous membrane, which is the surface in contact with the glans penis when the penis is flaccid; and a band of muscle within the tip of the foreskin.

34.Forewing : A medial anterior and a preapical larger whitish spot in cell; posteriorly in the cell, beyond its apex and below it at base of interspace 1, some dull obscure blue spots; a discal series of white spots, three elongate placed obliquely from just beyond middle of costa, two more inwards in interspaces 2 and 3, one in middle of interspaces 1 a and 1; the spot in interspace 2 very large truncate exteriorly, the spot in interspace 3 elongate.

35."Upper head shields strongly keeled and striated; anterior labials keeled, forming a projecting margin; " canthus rostralis " very strong; nostril in the horizontal suture between two large nasals which are extensively in contact with the rostral, and followed by one or two postnasals, the upper of which sometimes enters the nostril; no azygous prefrontal; frontal long and narrow; a small occipital; 4 supraoculars, first and fourth small, the two principal separated from the supraciliaries by a series of granules; subocular bordering the lip, between the fourth and fifth ( or fifth and sixth ) upper labials; temporal scales small, keeled; two large shields border the parietals exteriorly; a curved large shield on the supero-anterior border of the ear-opening; six large chin-shields on each side, the three anterior in contact with their fellows.

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