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English-Hindi > exteriorly" sentence in Hindi

exteriorly in a sentence

21.The hours shattered in noisy big city traffic wasted the most intimate energies in obedience to a rule that the more exteriorly exacting it was the more alien it was to my deepest needs ."

22.There is an outwardly angulated blackish brown fascia across the wing at the apical third, not clearly denned toward the base of the wing, but exteriorly rather sharply edged by a whitish area.

23.Adults are dark cinereous, the forewings thickly blackish-speckled, with some longitudinal black streaks, and with a blackish stripe, which is dilated and abbreviated exteriorly, and contains a short slender whitish streak.

24.On the inner margin near the base and extended to the middle of the margin is a rather long patch of the same hue, with an iridescent silvery internal patch and touched exteriorly with the same hue.

25.Adults are greyish fawn-colour, the forewings with several transverse indistinct brown undulating lines, curving inwardly to the costa, bordered exteriorly by an oblique dark double line extending from the apex to the inner margin.

26.At first sight one dislikes him & . Notwithstanding the sinister leer of his eye, the ungainly frame and the unharmonious voice, his person however rude exteriorly, is the cover of a fairer mind than was first imagined

27.In the last issue, Jeanneret, under the pseudonym Paul Boulard, writes of how the laws of nature were manifested in the shape of crystals; the properties of which were hermetically coherent, both interiorly and exteriorly.

28.There is an ill-defined light fuscous spot on the middle of costa, as well as an ill defined transverse shade of fuscous over the end of the cell, edged exteriorly by a narrow nearly unmottled white fascia.

29.The new church was dedicated on September the 16th of that year and construction was finished in 1861 . The new building is " in Gothic style; having buttresses exteriorly and having a steeple which rises 120 feet from the ground ".

30.At basal third of the dorsal margin is a short, transverse, oblique dark streak reaching the fold, on which it widens out to a small dark spot, sometimes more prominent than the streak and edged exteriorly with a few white scales.

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