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English-Hindi > galleried" sentence in Hindi

galleried in a sentence

21.However, the most common are buildings in  the peripteral mode,  the galleried cottage and the double gallery house.

22.The epitome of Mackintosh s horseshoe, galleried auditorium concepts was the Glyndebourne Opera ( 1994 ), his most recognised project.

23.In the large school rooms, high set windows to the south and larger lower windows to the north accommodated galleried classes.

24.Expansions have transformed the inn to five stories with 156 rooms and suites _ and a quarter mile of galleried porches and balconies.

25.The interior is galleried on three sides and contains a notable monument of 1786 to Joseph Hague, moved there from Glossop church.

26.Designed by Michael Reardon, it has a deep thrust stage, and is a galleried, intimate auditorium holding around 450 people.

27.Galleried apartments at the second and third floor levels surrounded this grand open space, recessed behind a two story Tuscan order colonnade.

28.The central hall ( not unlike the galleried two-storey hall at Mentmore Towers ) was furnished as the " grand salon ".

29.The George has a galleried yard dating back to 1495 and it used to serve coaches on the Gloucester-Oxford-London route.

30.The building has been altered including refurbishment of the galleried lecture theatre, library, some offices and laboratory areas and the roof accommodation.

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