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English-Hindi > galleried

galleried meaning in Hindi

galleried sentence in Hindi
1.It still has its original galleried interior with pews and pulpit.

2.The galleried upper floor is used as office space by the architects.

3.Its central space had a galleried top-lit dome.

4.It is the only surviving galleried London coaching inn.

5.The galleried lecture theatre has been gutted and is now subdivided into two seminar rooms.

6.So far, she and her husband have galleried Barber in seven tournaments this year alone.

7.A galleried hall rises through the ground and upper floors and served as a ball room.

8.The galleried interior is plainly finished.

9.This system combined galleried schoolrooms and smaller classrooms for use in conjunction with monitors and pupil teachers.

10.High set windows to the south and west of the small teaching rooms also accommodated galleried classes.

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