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English-Hindi > galleried" sentence in Hindi

galleried in a sentence

41.The galleried great hall is one of the highest baronial halls in England, almost high, lit from a huge lantern which rises from the centre of the main block.

42.There is a galleried landing from which the plasterwork can be viewed more closely : there is a deep relief of female busts, a lion's head and scrollwork.

43.The tower was faced in dark brick and followed the Beaux-Arts style used by the rest of the complex, with a galleried lobby fitted out in Italian marble.

44.It often took the form of a raised galleried tray which would be filled with matching candelabra, figurines, vases and epergnes, the gallery itself sometimes containing candle sconces.

45.This required partitioning to be built across previously open galleried landings, fireproofing of many doors and door frames, removal of combustible material, and installation of a fire alarm system.

46.The Institution renovated it to include a large lecture hall capable of accommodating 500 people, and a galleried library of 60 feet in length; it opened on 1 May 1808.

47.This project led to other rectangular galleried playhouses, such as The Tricycle ( 1980 ) with architect Tim Foster, which was constructed out of builders scaffolding within an existing volume.

48.The dark-varnished and galleried staircase retains faded gilding and stencilled motifs on its first floor ceiling and on the underside of the first landing, visible from the ground floor.

49.Kate Abernethy and her fellow primatologists were driving through the Lope Reserve of Gabon, in Central Africa, a gorgeous checkerboard mosaic of open savanna grassland and dense, galleried tropical rainforest.

50.The Neolithic people developed rituals associated with burying their dead; this is why they built huge, elaborate, galleried stone tombs for their dead leaders, known nowadays as megalithic tombs.

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