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English-Hindi > gallic" sentence in Hindi

gallic in a sentence

11.Accentual and metrical clausulae were used by all the Gallic panegyrists.

12.Results are typically expressed as gallic acid equivalents ( GAE ).

13.He even split his army in two while fighting Gallic tribes.

14.Originally, of course, he was French Gallic neurotic.

15.There was Gallic logic here, and plenty of shrewd Cartesian calculation.

16.Its Gallic name notwithstanding, the ship is being built in Korea.

17.One reason for the Cartiers'unparalleled success was their Gallic assertiveness.

18.Arnault conceded with as much grace as Gallic pride allowed.

19.But its affectations are more galling than Gallic most of the time.

20.Nothing like a little Gallic news from home to rally a man.

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