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English-Hindi > gallic" sentence in Hindi

gallic in a sentence

21.And the challenge seems to have stirred their Gallic flair.

22.It would make his Gallic charm and accent known worldwide.

23.Elemental Gallic pastimes like cigarettes and introspection seem to hold them together.

24.Joely Richardson portrays Carl's Gallic temptress with zest.

25.Aurelian's military campaigns included the conquest of the Gallic Empire.

26.The Coligny calendar, which was found in 1897 in Gallic language.

27.Thus the Druids were an important part of Gallic society.

28.These Gallic conventions were something Caesar exploited as often as he could.

29.After the death of Postumus, the Gallic Empire began to decline.

30.Caesar mentions his father-in-law in his Gallic Commentaries.

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