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English-Hindi > habegger" sentence in Hindi

habegger in a sentence

31."' Django Bates humanCHain "'?( Claire Hugenin, Django Bates, Dimitri Howald, Jeremias Keller, Nicolas Wolf, Nicola Habegger, Josephine Nagorsn, Gabriel Wenger, Michael Gilsenan, Loris Kn�sel)

32."I have no doubt that this had a profound effect on him, how he treats other people and how he works with them, " said Les Habegger, a Wilkens assistant and later the Sonics'general manager.

33."My Wars Are Laid Away in Books : The Life of Emily Dickinson " by Alfred Habegger ( Random House, $ 35 ) is a superb biography that vividly describes the strangest life and most astounding mind in American literature.

34.Chilean coach Pedro Garcia has recalled Lazio striker Marcelo Salas after nine months in a bid to boost the team's firepower, while Bolivia _ with new coach Argentine Jorge Habegger in charge _ are fielding a fresh side after their poor Copa America showing.

35.Alfred Habegger eschews gimmicks in this meticulous biography _ he starts with Emily Dickinson's ancestors, some of whom arrived in Massachusetts only about 16 years after the Mayflower landed, and carries the story along conventionally and chronologically until the poet's death in 1886.

36."Travelers'Tales : France, " edited by James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger and Sean O'Reilly ( Travelers'Tales, $ 17.95 ), is stuffed with some of the best writing about the country you will come across.

37.Though Bolivia has little to lose in the game against Brazil, it has a lot of pride to win back after its humiliating 5-1 loss to Ecuador at home in October, which led to the replacement of coach Jorge Habegger with former international goalkeeper Carlos Trucco.

38.The Winston update : Rich Habegger, Winston Cup director for RJReynolds Tobacco's Sports Marketing Enterprises, said there has been no discussion of moving The Winston, the sport's all-star race currently conducted at Lowe's Motor Speedway outside Charlotte, N . C.

39.Habegger writes, " but her stitched manuscript books, loose copies, and drafts, and poems sent to others have been dated with varying degrees of exactness, and thus we can follow her tracks in a very rough chronological sequence . . . That there were phases is certain.

40.Dickinson biographer Alfred Habegger wrote in " My Wars Are Laid Away in Books : The Life of Emily Dickinson " ( 2001 ) that " The consequences of the poet's failure to disseminate her work in a faithful and orderly manner are still very much with us ".

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