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English-Hindi > kafirs" sentence in Hindi

kafirs in a sentence

1.They are kafirs because they deny the truth and reject it.

2.He called me a kafir, " or infidel.

3.Timur fought with and was humbled by the Siah-Posh Kafirs.

4.AS Pecher claimed, Kafir includes all non-Muslims.

5.Both of them arnt included in the Definition of Kafir.

6.The infidsel articvle still says that Kafir includes all non-muslims.

7.The honor of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs.

8.It is located on the frontier of the Shiaposh Kafirs.

9.Stop your relationship with the kafirs [ unbelievers ),

10.Stop your relationship with the kafir ( unbeliever ).

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