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English-Hindi > kafirs" sentence in Hindi

kafirs in a sentence

31.According to Quran, whoever judge by any law other than the law of Allah is kafir.

32.Nowadays, kafir, like the term infidel, has also come to be regarded as offensive.

33.Radio, television and the like are seen as being the products of the kafir ( infidels ).

34.Two years later a second Persian campaign against the city was defeated at the Battle of Kafir Qala.

35.Ulama of major sects of Islam consider the Ahmadi Muslim sect as kafirs ( infidels ) and apostates.

36.I count 7 votes for delettion, and 2 more for either a redirect to Kafir or deletion.

37.Pecher sent the website of Ali al-Sistani for me, which says that Kafirs are unclean.

38.One of the dominant clan of the Kafirs was known as " Katir " until recently.

39.One of the dominant clan of the Kafirs till recently was known as " Katir ".

40.Peru has ordered Russian MiG 29s, and Ecuador has said it will buy the Kafir fighter from Israel.

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