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English-Hindi > laboured" sentence in Hindi

laboured in a sentence

21.The crew laboured to repair it all night.

22.United laboured to break down a stubborn Southampton defence in a goalless first half.

23.Also, some user names are rather laboured puns on toilet'humour '.

24.Armitage laboured tirelessly until his nonconformist congregation was larger than any in the city.

25.They laboured to clear the thick bush and established small dairy and produce farms.

26.The political turmoil halted the economic progress Deng had laboured for in the past year.

27.Normans laboured under a heavy fiscal burden.

28.The style is remarkable for the absence of hiatus and a laboured use of antithesis.

29.The flight of the stork-billed kingfisher is laboured and flapping, but direct.

30.Plantin laboured in Antwerp until his death.

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