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English-Hindi > laboured" sentence in Hindi

laboured in a sentence

31.Two in a row might be laboured.

32.He revitalised the defenders, who laboured to improve the defences of the entire coastline.

33.Here he specially laboured among the young.

34.This community started as a small settlement of workers who laboured on the Balembouche estate.

35.There he laboured for nearly twenty years.

36.In 1887 John Darragh went to the Gold Fields and laboured there for thirty years.

37.He laboured in the Cape Bedford Mission, North Queensland, Australia, for 55 years.

38.Is it a laboured attempt to link the national 50th anniversary with the local 100th anniversary?

39.On Sunday, his breathing had become so laboured that he was put on a respirator.

40.Why did her colours go out, her breathing really become laboured, and barely moved?

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