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English-Hindi > laboured" sentence in Hindi

laboured in a sentence

41.Until 1840 he laboured on the mission of Dumfries, Scotland, and subsequently in Edinburgh.

42.As verse, they were clumsy and laboured, but Coleridge was aware of this ".

43.Work parties laboured into the early hours of the morning in order to prevent further flooding.

44.He laboured there several years, and at the same time was engaged in instructing youth.

45.New Zealand laboured to extend its first innings to 328, having resumed on 316 for seven.

46.Lambert's laboured progress was eventually ended shortly after he completed his maiden Test half century.

47.Her face appeared purplish, her pulse was weak, and her breathing was shallow and laboured.

48.He laboured assiduously and successfully, being especially remembered for his zeal in instructing the ignorant poor.

49.The interrelations of the various peninsular kingdoms are laboured extensively, as are Alfonso's pretensions.

50.In the second round, she laboured to a three-set victory over Kazakhstani Zarina Diyas.

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