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English-Hindi > labouring" sentence in Hindi

labouring in a sentence

11.Miles would return to labouring work on the railways within a few months.

12.Anything that contributes to such an impression inflicts an injury upon the labouring population.

13.He then left and worked in labouring jobs.

14.The first use of continuous caudal anaesthesia in a labouring woman was in 1942.

15.Of labouring class origin, he had educated himself to become a Sheffield surgeon.

16.A few months of labouring and thinking followed.

17.In 1775 Edmund Rack, a draper and the son of a labouring Bath.

18.You appear to be labouring under the illusion that everyone should share your opinion.

19.It is probably labouring under several categories before eventually becoming part of Category Fiction.

20.You seem to be labouring under some misconceptions.

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