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English-Hindi > labouring" sentence in Hindi

labouring in a sentence

31.:: Gini isn't a great proxy for a sense of labouring class improvement.

32.After the death of his two infant children Alfred switched to local fishing and labouring in Penzance.

33.In labouring women, the onset of analgesia is more rapid with CSE compared with epidural analgesia.

34.It had become a mainly Chinese residential, labouring and shop-keeping community by the 1860s.

35.A round-the-clock labouring system enabled its completion almost two years ahead of schedule.

36.A Native Military Corps, manned by blacks, was also formed for pioneer and labouring tasks.

37.This was one of the earliest routes through which the labouring poor began to have political influence.

38.Meanwhile, a small body of emigrants " of the peasant and labouring classes " were enrolled.

39.The Vaddera have traditionally been stone-cutters but many have had to change to agricultural labouring.

40.He has also spent time in the UK in which he earned money through paining and labouring.

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