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English-Hindi > labouring" sentence in Hindi

labouring in a sentence

21.In the 18th century, there was a significant shortage of food for labouring people.

22.Jock Clark gave it up and returned to a humble labouring job at Ayr sheds.

23.Overall, nearly there-these are the most obvious examples of labouring the point.

24.The Palace Museum is hundreds of years ago the labouring people intelligent and sweat crystallization.

25.The labouring classes were thrown out of employment, and amongst others the poor Highlanders.

26.In April May 1939, Elser found a labouring job at the Vollmer quarry in K�nigsbronn.

27.This is in reference to the taxes that are rung from the labouring class of people.

28.Such use prevents the engine from labouring at low speeds, or exceeding recommended operating speeds.

29.After leaving school, Jack has a second try at labouring on the site with Joe.

30.He is to live by playing the violin and by labouring on a London building site.

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