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English-Hindi > laced" sentence in Hindi

laced in a sentence

11.1 stretch-lace top or silk shell ( for evening)

12.(The order is ) laced with hypocrisy and political opportunism.

13.While opportunity is laced with danger, we have no courage.

14.This city is laced with a subtle, sneaky, racism.

15.Finish your photo ornaments with a bit of ribbon or lace.

16.Festive means lace, sequins, velvet, but in season.

17.Paper lace or designs made with pinholes were also popular decorations.

18.Trees were darkly skeletal; panes were trimmed with white lace.

19.The lace is right around that tendon, which was aggravated.

20.United States Figure Skating Association executive director Jerry Lace has said.

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