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English-Hindi > laced" sentence in Hindi

laced in a sentence

31.One ad featured a woman being laced into a bridal corset.

32.It is laced with 31 lines servicing refineries and petrochemical plants.

33.His comments are usually laced with cliches about just playing hard.

34.But Ickes also laced his acidic comments with dollops of humor.

35.And some are definitely laced with a certain sarcasm and cynicism.

36.Alex Jensen could have laced up Vince Carter's sneakers.

37.(underscore ) Layer a lace vest under a denim jacket.

38.She wore gigantic clown lace-up shoes, in brown.

39.A pale blue leather jacket went over a metallic lace dress.

40.Johnson asked, his voice laced with a trace of disappointment.

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