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English-Hindi > lackadaisical" sentence in Hindi

lackadaisical in a sentence

21.Then I kind of got real lackadaisical the next year.

22.But I'm not a lackadaisical person ."

23.Performances have been lackadaisical at best, disorganized at worst.

24."We can't go in with a lackadaisical approach.

25.We got kind of lackadaisical, " said O'Neal.

26."But I'm a very lackadaisical guy.

27.In Arizona last Sunday, Hoss was not lackadaisical with his passes.

28.Their lackadaisical effort landed the Jazz in the record book for futility.

29.I had a premonition I would get lackadaisical and get knocked down.

30.Justice's handling of the Lee investigation was lackadaisical.

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