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English-Hindi > lackadaisical" sentence in Hindi

lackadaisical in a sentence

31.But they become more lackadaisical and do less and less.

32.It's really easy to come out lackadaisical on the road.

33.He seems perpetually lackadaisical, except when he's wryly bemused.

34.Graham was represented by a famously lackadaisical defense attorney named Ronald Mock.

35.It just seems to me like we play lackadaisical on the road.

36.Just recently, Edwards criticized his players for lackadaisical practices.

37.Both sustained lengthy careers, although Martin was more lackadaisical than Crosby.

38.A lot of times the other team will get happy and lackadaisical.

39.Kovalchuk was benched earlier this season for lackadaisical defensive play.

40.He's lackadaisical and sometimes Skip doesn't like that.

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