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English-Hindi > mackintoshes" sentence in Hindi

mackintoshes in a sentence

41.Forget the Shuberts, David Merricks and Cameron Mackintoshes of the world.

42.Those studies haven't been done, Mackintosh says.

43."Everyone loved him, " added Mackintosh.

44.Producer Cameron Mackintosh called the closing " entirely sweet ."

45.Mackintosh is represented on Broadway by " Les Miserables,"

46.Mackintosh said in an interview from his country estate south of London.

47.City managing director Alistair Mackintosh said its situation was different.

48.Cameron Mackintosh has called Sondheim " possibly the greatest lyricist ever ."

49.Mackintosh had entirely abandoned architecture and design and concentrated on watercolour painting.

50.The variant spelling of " Mackintosh " is now standard.

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