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English-Hindi > mackintoshes

mackintoshes meaning in Hindi

mackintoshes sentence in Hindi
1.Mackintosh shared an imaginative collaboration with his wife, Margaret Macdonald.

2.Mackintosh came of artistic age in a time ripe for change.

3.Mackintosh said about Mendes, comparing him to Nunn as well.

4.Cameron ( " Les Miserables " ) Mackintosh produces.

5.Mackintosh, the man behind " Les Miserables,"

6.In the best musical tradition, Mackintosh concentrated on the positive.

7.Be prepared for day-long showers bybringing along a mackintosh.

8.Mackintosh lived most of his life in the city of Glasgow.

9.In 2004, Dave Mackintosh left the band and joined DragonForce.

10.James Mackintosh wrote that Price was attempting to revive moral obligation.

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