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English-Hindi > mastaba" sentence in Hindi

mastaba in a sentence

31.Duaenre was buried in mastaba G 5110 in Giza.

32.The mastaba was constructed of large blocks of limestone.

33.With its distinctive steps, it was really just a pile of mastabas.

34.Hetepi's tomb is a monumental mastaba, almost 50 meters long.

35.This rock cut block formed some kind of mastaba.

36.Seshemnefer III is mainly known from his mastaba at Giza ( G5170 ).

37.Ptahhotep Desher is mainly known from is mastaba ( C6 ) at Saqqara.

38.Ihy was the owner of a mastaba near the pyramid of king Unas.

39.Middle Kingdom pharaohs continued to build pyramids, but the popularity of mastabas waned.

40.He arranged for her burial in a magnificent mastaba excavated by Jacques de Morgan.

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