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English-Hindi > misappropriate" sentence in Hindi

misappropriate in a sentence

11.Even income intended to buy books for the choir was misappropriated.

12.He allegedly misappropriated $ 13, 000 from a county contractor.

13.The funds, however, were inadequate and some were misappropriated.

14.However, she later accused Allen of misappropriating money from her.

15.The commission found him to have misappropriated monies in several municipalities.

16.His properties in France, however, were apparently being misappropriated.

17.It sucks just as much when they misappropriate it through ignorance.

18.Ayi called the assertions untrue, insisting that no aid was misappropriated.

19.This money was misappropriated over a period of three years,

20.A California woman has sued DoubleClick, alleging it misappropriated personal information.

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