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English-Hindi > misappropriate" sentence in Hindi

misappropriate in a sentence

41.There was suspicion that he had misappropriated funds from the Transcaspian Railway.

42.Thomas pleaded guilty to falsifying his tax returns and misappropriating government funds.

43.Kroll has also been hired by many foreign governments to trace misappropriated assets.

44.This is just one example of misappropriated foreign aid.

45.There was no evidence Boesak misappropriated funds for personal gain, Mbeki said.

46.Prosecutors said Vashakidze and his accomplices misappropriated several million dollars in state funds.

47.Zhivkov was convicted in 1992 of misappropriating state property.

48.It is widely reported that Soeharto and his family have misappropriated state assets.

49.He also dismisses the charges of misappropriating money in connection to the contract.

50.He wrote that lax supervision enabled him to misappropriate money over 15 years.

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