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English-Hindi > naivety" sentence in Hindi

naivety in a sentence

11.His Othello represents the simplicity, plainness, wisdom and child naivety.

12.Your comment shows AN / I naivety in the extreme.

13.He begins in naivety, gradually discovering his profound errors in judgement.

14.They breathed youth into the situation and naivety and hope.

15.Men take advantage of the ignorance and naivety of young, innocent girls.

16.Deutsche Bank can no longer claim naivety, gullibility and innocence for itself.

17.It has kind of a naivety about it ".

18.His speaking mannerisms suggest a childlike intelligence and naivety.

19.Because of his naivety and gentleman's style, Z�ndel is frauded.

20.It has kind of a naivety about it ."

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