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English-Hindi > naivety" sentence in Hindi

naivety in a sentence

31.It is a document that deserves a distinguished place in the annals of diplomatic naivety.

32.Ippolito said, laughing at his naivety.

33.This naivety allows her to more easily befriend local Aborigine Vincent Burunga ( Dingo ).

34.His books combine children's naivety and their sharpness, humor and amusing expressions.

35.Williams liked his role in the show but had issues with Adam's naivety.

36.It also deals with the youthful naivety of Kiall, one of the main characters.

37.As the series continues, Noddy becomes wiser but without losing his charm and lovable naivety.

38.When I look back at the album, I see naivety, missed opportunities and mistakes.

39.The naivety of the settlers is portrayed in their responses to their journey into the wilderness.

40.According to Kabou, classical development aid combined naivety and a willingness to support local rulers.

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