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English-Hindi > naivety

naivety meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ nɑ:'i:vti ]  sound:  
naivety sentence in Hindi
1.Many of the problems are caused by naivety, she said.

2.Their counterparts are innocence _ or at least naivety _ personified.

3.Tyler also helps Skelton overcome his clumsiness, nervousness and naivety.

4.But because of his naivety and clumsiness he is soon released.

5.The naivety comes in imagining that league tables will not evolve anyway.

6.We have lost a little innocence, a little naivety.

7.Yet, her sophisticated humor belies the naivety of her drawing style.

8.This naivety often leads to the unfeasible-ness of their adventures.

9.Part of the charm of that album is a naivety.

10.Unfortunately, her naivety and inquisitive tendencies lead her directly to Alphonse.

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lack of sophistication or worldliness
Synonyms: naivete, naiveness,

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