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English-Hindi > oafish" sentence in Hindi

oafish in a sentence

11.I felt increasingly oafish among such delicate creatures.

12.As Sir Fopling, an oafish Englishman turned Paris dandy, he was hilarious.

13.And his choreography was intentionally oafish.

14.The oafish Bob is suspicious _ Berlin is full of Commie spies _ and perhaps envious.

15.No one expects an oafish woman.

16.A case of oafish federal government with its heel on the necks of local school boards?

17.Surprisingly, his oafish accidents on the battlefield helped defeat the federation's droid army.

18.Malfoy hangs out with his cronies, the oafish Crabbe and Goyle . _ _ _=

19.For revenge, she decides to marry an oafish suitor named Freddie ( Jean Par�d�s ).

20.Maybe I will even put up with Parcells'oafish sarcasm if the Jets are for real.

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