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English-Hindi > oafish" sentence in Hindi

oafish in a sentence

41.The detractors were unhappy with the oafish portrayal of Ivanovi, as opposed to depiction of petty bourgeois music societies'leaders as likable slackers.

42.Pulling cigarette butts out of a metal planter filled with pothos ivy, plantscaper Wagner Nepomuceno says that oafish people do a nasty number on plants.

43.Or they can murder their oafish boss, Duncan ( James Rebhorn ), and persuade his uninterested sons to sell the place to them cheaply.

44.Wilson is the revelation, though, rebounding from February's oafish " Old School " to show more acting chops than ever.

45.Julie's sex life consists of one-night stands with various oafish men, and a competition of personalities develops between the two women.

46.To directors like Jan De Bont, it is no news that Ms . Garcia got Affleck to throw himself into his part as an oafish bartender.

47.Among some of his compadres are Patrick Star, an oafish starfish, and Sandy Cheeks, an adventurous squirrel in a deep-sea diving suit.

48.Even after his character is revealed to be an American spy who speaks fluent Vietnamese, he makes Pyle's lumbering bluntness appear almost comically oafish.

49.He appeared in Disney's 1988 film, " Oliver & Company ", as the voice of the oafish Great Dane named Einstein.

50.There are only three delegates : the brother of Zeus, Poseidon, the oafish Heracles and some even more oafish god worshipped by barbarians called Triballians.

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