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English-Hindi > oaken" sentence in Hindi

oaken in a sentence

11."' Wherein the bronze green oaken wood, the little nightingale sings.

12.In 1925 the teams played for the Old Oaken Bucket for the first time.

13.Oaken defenders live in dryad groves and assist in the defense of such places.

14.The oaken paddlewheel, rebuilt in 1980, is approximately 32 feet in diameter.

15.The other guests were just sitting down at a long oaken table when we arrived.

16.Bassist Reid Anderson is steady as an oaken keel and stays mostly below the radar.

17.His first cradle, the lore goes, was an oaken barrel sawed in half.

18.Some wines are aged in oaken casks.

19.Annie Taylor went over Niagara Falls in an oaken barrel and lived to tell about it.

20.A minor character named Gwydion appears in " The Oaken Throne " by Robin Jarvis.

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