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English-Hindi > oaken" sentence in Hindi

oaken in a sentence

41.In the annual Old Oaken Bucket rivalry game, Purdue defeated Indiana, 39 0, in West Lafayette.

42.A cruciform of barrel vaults gently encloses the amazing remains of seagoing oaken ships, as well as Viking artifacts.

43.The shepherds of this remote mountain settlement till the earth behind oaken plows and grind their corn between smooth stones.

44.White reminisced of " drowsy afternoons " in its " great, rustling oaken silence ."

45.The restaurant is spare, elegant, almost formal, with oaken raised-panel walls and a beamed ceiling.

46.Pennsville also competes for the Old Oaken Bucket Trophy, a prize for the winner of Pennsville / Salem game.

47.On top of an oaken chest is the Lord's great seal and some other pieces of plain silver.

48.The main entrance is from a flight of eight steps leading to the oaken front door on the first floor.

49.The oaken choir stalls with carved misericords and carved lattice work backs, however, are 15th-century survivals.

50.The body was clothed and placed in an oaken coffin, with the head given a wreath of white roses.

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