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English-Hindi > oaken" sentence in Hindi

oaken in a sentence

21.Oaken Grove Primary School was closed in the 2000s and the site is now a housing development.

22.An oaken cross was raised atop this new ground, continuing the tradition started by her grandfather.

23.The Proudest part of Pleasant Valley Football's history is " The Old Oaken Bucket ".

24.This is an image of the cover of the book " The Oaken Throne ".

25.The railway was constructed of a double line of beech rails, and laid upon oaken sleepers.

26.Around 1822 four manuscripts were found in an old oaken chest in the ruins of Bonamargy Friary.

27.St . Martin features a 13th-century baptismal font and a 17th-century oaken pulpit.

28.There is wood everywhere, including the posts, beams and brackets, oaken floor and wood ceiling.

29.Between 1339 and 1340, Ivan Kalita erected a new, bigger oaken fortress on the Borovitsky hill.

30.In the summer of 2014, it housed " Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna ".

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