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English-Hindi > prescripts" sentence in Hindi

prescripts in a sentence

21.In the second prescript the Grand Ensign is dispensed with, while the Grand Exchequer was appointed by the Grand Cyclops, who was now appointed by the Grand Giant.

22.Tammy Schvarcz, who dresses according to the strict prescripts of Jewish tradition, brought her simply stated fashions to the West Bank on Thursday and earned appreciative murmurs from Palestinian women.

23.Simmons said he had been inspired by the original Klan's Prescripts, written in 1867 by Confederate veteran George Gordon, but they were never adopted by the first Klan.

24.Since 1889 the constitution determines that all prescripts with a penal character have to be based on formal law and that this law imposes the penalty ( Subarticles 2 and 4 ).

25.Troop commanders in various parts of the state received a prescript from Shi Min to kill the Hus ( � ); as a result half of the people with high noses and bushy beards were killed.

26.The Grand Sentinel was in charge of the " "'Grand Guard "'", an organization which is not otherwise elaborated upon in the prescripts, but apparently served as the Den's security detail.

27.However, when war threatened it was realised that, outmoded or not, ditches would pose a serious obstacle to the French infantry tanks, especially to the shorter types, and existing prescripts about fitting them had better be followed.

28.Logic does not dictate the formation of society's legal or moral convictions . " He added that " law is but a translation of society's fundamental values into policies and prescripts for regulating its members'conduct ."

29.The second prescript presented an entirely different judiciary, with officers of the first three levels tried by three judges, appointed by the chief officer of the given jurisdiction, and the officers and attaches of the headquarters ( presumably the Genii, Hydras and Furies ).

30.Catholic ministers administer the sacraments licitly to Catholic members of the Christian faithful alone, who likewise receive them licitly from Catholic ministers alone, without prejudice to the prescripts of ��2, 3, and 4 of this canon, and ?! can . 861, ?.

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