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prescripts in a sentence

31."Debates have a life of their own and a momentum of their own, and there's no way a bunch of lawyers can prescript how a debate is going to turn out, " he said . " I think the networks have the upper hand here ."

32.The letter carried a supposed prescript from Wang hinting at its passage from prison : " If this letter to U . S . President Clinton makes it over the wall, it shows that the opposition force of the China Democracy Party has already gained the active support of democratic people within the Communist Party ."

33.1972 On October 18, 1972 Pope Paul VI, on appeal by the Right Rev . Johannes Pohlschneider, Bishop of Aachen, grants an apostolic dispensation from the prescript contained in Canon 2117 of the Code of Canon Law, so that, after a legally valid verification and full examination of only one miracle, the cause might pass to the next phase.

34.MEDICARE-DEMS ( Washington ) _ The Democratic presidential contenders as a group are leaning against the proposed drug benefit for Medicare emerging in Congress, generally arguing that funding would be insufficient to provide adequate coverage of prescript } 771reathing campaign rhetoric has inspired some party activists, but the inaccuracy of some remarks, as well as his characterizations of some rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, have prompted him to issue several apologies this year.

35.Claude Carozzi,  La vie du roi Robert par Helgaud de Fleury : historiographie et hagiographie,  in " Actes des congr�s de la Soci�t?des historiens m�di�vistes de l'enseignement sup�rieur public . 8e congr�s, Tours, 1977 ", pp . 219 235 . http : / / www . persee . fr / web / revues / home / prescript / article / shmes _ 1261-9078 _ 1980 _ act _ 8 _ 1 _ 1301

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