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English-Hindi > preselector" sentence in Hindi

preselector in a sentence

11.I'm pretty sure you can shift more rapidly with synchromesh than with a preselector.

12.Tunable antenna preamplifiers ( preamps ) often incorporate a front-end preselector circuit to improve their performance.

13.More body variants were added over the next few years and in 1934 a Preselector gearbox was offered for ?7 extra.

14.However, from May 1934 it became possible to specify, at extra cost, a " Cotal Preselector transmission ".

15.From about 1935 to 1960, buses by the Guy companies offered Preselector gearboxes, either as an option or as standard.

16.Made to order, the car featured a revised tubular chassis and sleeker bodywork than its predecessors, and incorporated a preselector gearbox.

17.A fully automatic gearbox is able to select the ratio used, with a preselector gearbox this remains the driver's decision.

18.The integrated device is " both " a preamplifier and a preselector, and may correctly be referred to with either name.

19.Past involvement with this editor on car-related topics has not been promising : See Talk : Preselector _ gearbox # Recent _ changes.

20.Motor power came in the form of a Meadows 5 cylinder gasoline engine, producing 51 hp, coupled with a four speed preselector gearbox.

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