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English-Hindi > preselector" sentence in Hindi

preselector in a sentence

41.By November 1933 the combination of fluid flywheel and Wilson preselector gearbox was used in all Daimler vehicles, " ranging from 10 h . p . passenger cars to double-deck omnibuses " according to the chairman's report to the shareholders at their Annual General Meeting that month.

42.This ambiguity sometimes leads to confusion . " Passive " preselectors that have no power and no internal amplifier work quite well with modern receivers with negligible loss to the signal, and preamps do not benefit from a preselector when fed from a narrow-band source, such as a tuned-resonance loop antenna.

43.As on the 4-cylinder S4-DA, customers were able to choose between a classic 4-speed manual transmission and a  Cotal Preselector transmission ", but whereas S4 DA customers were expected to pay an extra 2, 000 francs for the Cotal option, the Cotal transmission was now offered at no additional cost to S4 E buyers.

44.Originally, the transmission was a Daimler five-speed preselector type ( either overdrive-top or close-ratio with direct top, with four-speed optional ) but, from 1957, the Daimatic direct operating semi-automatic transmission was available, with four forward speeds and this, with either electro-pneumatic or direct-air change-speed mechanism, soon became standard.

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