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English-Hindi > preselector" sentence in Hindi

preselector in a sentence

21.The chassis had half-elliptic leaf springs all round and drive was to the rear wheels through either a four speed preselector or manual gearbox.

22.The engine was connected to a four-speed preselector gearbox with right-hand change lever and the Girling system rod operated brakes had large drums.

23.The Mark II used a Rolls-Royce engine which was, along with Wilson preselector gearbox and transmission, positioned on the right hand side of the tank.

24.However, a preselector does " not " remove interference on the " same " frequency that it and the receiver are both tuned to.

25.:: : If you click on the picture it gets bigger, and you can clearly see the preselector in the upper right hand quadrant of the steering wheel.

26.Although a conventional shift lever was first used, a Bendix " Finger-Tip Control " electrical preselector mechanism similar to that used by Hudson automobiles, was substituted.

27.A "'preselector "'is a name for an antenna into the radio receiver ( or preamplifier ) that otherwise would be directly connected to the antenna.

28.Extra filtering by the preselector limits frequency range and power demands that are applied to all later stages of the receiver, only loading it with signals within the preselected band.

29.It also requires retuning the preselector more often while searching for faint signals, to keep the preselector s pass-through frequency closely matched to the receiver s working frequency.

30.:The preselector has some definite advantages, and in the 1930's, before the invention of synchromesh ( early 1950's ), it was a MASSIVE advantage.

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