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English-Hindi > quickstep" sentence in Hindi

quickstep in a sentence

11.He got 39 out of 40 points for his Quickstep.

12.PrzemysBaw Sadowski received his second perfect score for the Quickstep.

13.Patricia Kazadi received her 4th perfect score for the Quickstep.

14.Joanna Moro received her third perfect score for the Quickstep.

15.Tatiana Okupnik received her second perfect score for the Quickstep.

16.The New York quickstep is geared to its traffic.

17.She survived the tango but went down at the end of the quickstep.

18.The Wilmington Quicksteps quickly began to dominate the league.

19.Until recently, First Quickstep, was also part of the First group.

20.It was also the lowest score ever for Quickstep.

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