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English-Hindi > quickstep" sentence in Hindi

quickstep in a sentence

31.Despite the remaining distance the peloton was held together by Quickstep and later Fassa Bortolo.

32.After last couple finished dancing, every couple had to dance quickstep for 30 seconds.

33.In 1948, he recorded the first album produced in Venezuela :  Diamante Negro quickstep.

34.This contest included sections, such as : quickstep, waltz, and grade selection piece.

35.He played two more professional seasons for the Wilmington Quicksteps and the Philadelphia Quakers before retiring.

36.Though not possible in traditional Latin dances like Tango, Quickstep etc . ) and Caribbean dances.

37.The upbeat melodies that quickstep is danced to make it suitable for both formal and informal events.

38.Gilles Marini performed a quickstep, which earned him a, the highest score of the night.

39.Iga WyrwaB got 19 points for her Quickstep, making it the lowest score of the week.

40.Elisabeth Duda got 27 points for her Quickstep, making it the lowest score of the week.

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